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PHD Psychologists

Welcome to the Montreal Psychology Center:
Where Insight and Compassion help you achieve lasting change

At the Montreal Psychology Center our Ph.D. psychologists provide scientifically-validated recommendations. Psychologists at the Montreal Psychology Center are specialized in CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy). CBT is a problem-focused treatment approach in which clients acquire the skills necessary to overcome current psychological difficulties in a timely manner. For mild disturbances, significant change can often be implemented in 3-5 sessions; more severe issues may require 8-12 sessions. CBT is a proven treatment option for a wide range of psychological problems.

Montreal Psychology Center Services

CBT for Anxiety
- decrease generalized anxiety/chronic worry
- learn to manage social anxiety
- control obsessions & compulsions
- eliminate/reduce panic attacks and specific fears

CBT for Depression
- change thought patterns causing/maintaining your sadness
- learn behavioral strategies associated with improved mood
(e.g., anti-procrastination techniques, problem-solving skills, etc...)
- diminish the likelihood of relapse by adopting a mindset and behaviors consistent with happiness
(e.g., improve self-esteem, increase optimism, develop a greater sense of purpose, strengthen interpersonal connections, etc...)

Couple Therapy
- improve communication – learn to listen effectively and to express yourself assertively
- become skilled at de-escalating conflict and problem solving
- increase emotional and sexual intimacy

CBT for Child/Adolescent Anxiety and Depression
We can assist your child or adolescent to feel less distressed by:
- helping him/her adopt attitudes and behaviors that will increase confidence and optimism
- facilitating stronger connections between family members

For information on how CBT psychologists treat specific psychological issues click on the links on the left side of this page.